eye2you wins bytes4diabetes audience award 2021

Philipp full of surprise receiving the messagt that eye2you won the audience award.

The medtech startup eye2you from the University Hospital Tübingen wins the first bytes4diabetes audience award 2021.

The bytes4diabetes award is an annual award given to visionary, promising, and practical solutions that will make the life of people with diabetes easier. It is sponsored by Berlin-Chemie with 25.000 EUR and awarded as part of the DiaTec conference. This year for the first time an audience award was given to the finalist with the most convincing presentation. The almost 300 experts from the field of diabetology voted eye2you as the winner.

The EXIST-funded spin-off of the University Hospital Tübingen develops a smartphone-based artificial intelligence that will allow primary care takers, like general practitioners or nurses, to do retinal examinations for diseases like diabetic retinopathy. This will make the detection of vision-threatening diseases like diabetic retinopathy, a common side effect of diabetes, simpler and more accessible to risk patients. The startup is in the development phase and starts the first clinical trials this year.

“It’s a great honor to be selected from the 10 very strong finalists as the most promising and convincing solution. Especially from experts in the field of diabetology, who are facing the need for a better retina screening solution in their daily business.” says Dr. Jörn-Philipp Lies, CEO and co-founder of eye2you. The public recognition will help increase eye2yous visibility and will enable further collaborations.