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The eye2you GmbH has ceased operations by the end of 2022. While we keep our vision of making retina examinations cheaper and more widely available to fight preventable vision loss, we must accept that it was not our time nor our place. We hope that, in due time, we will be able to pick up where we were forced to have left off.

Prevention protects vision

Retina examinations closer to the patient

A large proportion of eye diseases remain undiagnosed and untreated. Early retinal screening brings benefits for all: more certainty in diagnosis, faster therapy starts, better chances of recovery and lower costs for our healthcare system.

Image of a young girl

Normal Vision

Image of a young girl with dark spots overlaid, simulating visual impairments from diabetic retinopathy

Diabetic Retinopathy

Image of a young girl with a dark vignette, simulating visual impairments from glaucoma


Image of a young girl with a gray blob at the center of her face, simulating visual impairments from AMD


Our solution


Retinacorder Tele

A mobile funduscope with optimized usability, so that retinal images of optimal quality can be taken at lightning speed and without prior ophthalmological knowledge.

With the Retinacorder Tele, retinal images can be conveniently taken in general practitioners' offices or in occupational health care settings and then evaluated by ophthalmologists via teleconsultation. This saves time for patients and provides greater safety.

Retinacorder Tele is in the process of being approved as a Class I medical device.

Retinacorder Dx

A mobile funduscope with advanced features that uses artificial intelligence to enable retinal screening within minutes without the need to dilate the pupil with medication.

The application assists in taking retinal images, analyzes the images directly on the funduscope, generates a comprehensible report for the attending physician and transfers the data to the practice management system. This keeps the data where it belongs.

Retinacorder Dx is currently under development, planned approval as a medical device class IIa.

The two Retinacorders from eye2you help to protect eyesight and can be used exactly where prevention is needed:

In the family doctor's or diabetologist's practice as well as in nursing.